Wholesale Compost Supply

Improve Soil Quality

Wholesale Compost Supply

Our recycled, peatfree compost and mulch is ideal for gardening and landscaping. We supply wholesale compost and mulch to commercial clients across Cheshire. Our mulch provides a range of benefits like retaining moisture, which in turn reduces the requirement to water. It is also great for improving soil quality, suppressing weeds, and protecting your plants and bulbs

    Why Choose Peat-Free?

Peat is a non-renewable resource harvested from peat bogs, valuable natural ecosystems that store large amounts of carbon and provide habitats for unique wildlife. When peat is extracted, the carbon stored in the peat is released into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. In addition, peat extraction can lead to habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity. Therefore, by choosing peat-free compost you are helping to preserve natural ecosystems and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly.

Our peat-free compost is made from the green waste we process in Cheshire. As part of our commitment to restoring nutrients back to the earth, we process both large- and small-scale organic waste at our very own recycling centre. As well as at multiple sites across Cheshire, all while reducing our carbon footprint. The compost and mulch are laid out in long piles (windrows) so that the shredded waste is left to decompose. We kill harmful bacteria under high temperatures over 60 degrees. After 6 – 8 weeks, it is then screened in a range of sizes available to suit your needs and requirements.

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If you need quality peatfree wholesale compost in Cheshire, call our team today! We offer collection from our recycling centre or local delivery. We can load bulk bags ready for you to collect from our green waste recycling centre in Knutsford. Alternatively, call us to arrange a local delivery. This is an effective way to improve your soil, encouraging healthy plant growth. Call Now.