Five Items You Should Not Compost

May 22, 2024Uncategorized

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Composting is an excellent way to recycle organic waste and enrich your soil. However, not all items are suitable for composting. Knowing what to avoid can ensure you create high-quality compost without unpleasant surprises. We supply peat-free compost through our Green Waste Recycling Centre to landscapers across Cheshire. Here are five items you should not compost at home to maintain the quality and effectiveness of your compost pile.

1.    Meat and Dairy Products

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Meat and dairy products are a big no-no for your compost pile. These items attract pests and rodents, creating a smelly and unpleasant compost heap. Additionally, meat and dairy products can disrupt the balance of your compost, making it take longer to break down properly.

2. Diseased Plants

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Including diseased plants in your compost can spread disease throughout your garden. The pathogens in these plants can survive the composting process and infect healthy plants when the compost is used. Always dispose of diseased plants separately to keep your garden healthy.

3. Pet Waste

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Pet waste, such as dog or cat faeces, should never be added to compost. Pet waste can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that pose health risks. Stick to plant-based compost materials to ensure your compost is safe and clean.

4. Glossy or Coated Paper

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While plain paper is usually safe for composting, glossy or coated paper is not. These types of paper contain chemicals and plastics that do not break down and can contaminate your compost. Always use plain, uncoated paper products to add paper to your compost pile.

5. Invasive Weeds

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Avoid composting invasive weeds like bindweed or Japanese knotweed. These weeds can survive the composting process and spread throughout your garden when you use the compost.

Promoting Sustainable Landscaping in Cheshire

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At Green Waste NW, we are committed to providing landscapers across Cheshire with highquality, peat-free compost. Our compost is peat-free and we kill harmful bacteria under high temperatures over 60 degrees. After 6 – 8 weeks, it is screened in various sizes available to suit your needs and requirements.

Our sister company, Acorn Landscape Services, relies on our premium compost for their projects, ensuring their landscapes thrive. By choosing our compost, you support a local, sustainable business dedicated to improving the environment.